Appendix A. Contact and Support

If you have any questions about the QALL-ME Framework – no matter how general or particular –, then you are welcome to write us on the project mailing list. We are also interested in hearing your comments, wishes or other feedback there.

If you should find any issues in any part of the QALL-ME Framework, then we’d appreciate to hear about them in our issue tracking system – no matter if you find some bug in the framework itself or if you just happen to find a typo on the project website or in the framework’s documentation. Please note, however, that you need a account or an OpenID login for creating tickets.

In case you are looking for services and consulting with regard to the QALL-ME Framework which you do not want to discuss on our public mailing list, then you may also directly contact the core developers of the framework (DFKI Language Technology Lab) directly by email via . However, we kindly ask you to not file general support requests via private email as this does not help others who might face a similar issue.