Appendix B. Acknowledgements

The creation of the QALL-ME Framework was made possible through a research grant by the
European Commission’s Sixth Framework Programme under contract FP6-33860, Question Answering Learning technologies in a muliLingual and Multimodal Environment (QALL-ME,

The cinema and movie data for the Saarland location demo system has kindly been provided by the German cinema portal Special thanks go to Heinz who closely worked together with us to get the demo data into the German location demo subsystem.

The icons we use in this documentation in admonition boxes are in the public domain and were found in the Open Clip Art Library.

Our standard implementation of the QAPlanner web service component (cf. section uses the free GeoNames web services for reverse geocoding provided geocoordinates – thanks for this great resource!

Parts of the website of the QALL-ME Framework use the jQuery JavaScript library which is freely available under the MIT license.

Last but not least, we would like to thank for providing us with a free project infrastructure and webhosting.

This documentation has been created with DocBook using the DocBook XSL stylesheets from the DocBook Project and the XSLT syntax highlighting tools.