QALL-ME Framework Demo

Test a question answering (QA) system here and now which has been created using the QALL-ME Framework. The following demo is based on a QA system that has been developed in the QALL-ME project for the four languages English, German, Italian and Spanish. Questions can be answered using answer data from four different locations: the Wolverhampton area (United Kingdom), the Saarland (Germany), the Trentino region (Italy) and Alicante (Spain). The system has been built for the cinema and movies domain as well as for basic fact questions regarding accommodations in the mentioned regions. Please note that very complex questions and verification questions (expecting “yes” or “no” as an answer) are not supported, yet.

Your question (in any of the four supported languages):

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Sample questions for the Saarland:

Sample questions for Wolverhampton:

Sample questions for Trentino:

Sample questions for Alicante: